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Food Allergy Moms Chicago

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Who We Are

An in-person support group for parents of kids with food allergies. We focus on cultivating long-term friendships.

In-Person and Virtual Meetups

Our group welcomes food allergy parents and caregivers from all over the city to meet once a month at restaurants, bars, parks, farmer's markets and coffee shops in Lincoln Square, West Town, Logan Square and other neighborhoods on Chicago's north and west sides. In-person meetups are interspersed with Zoom meetups so parents can choose a format that works for them.


Peer-to-Peer Connections

Adapting to a food allergy diagnosis, a worsening allergic condition, or allergy-related anxiety can be challenging and time-consuming. That's why we are honored to provide peer-to-peer email consultations, host smaller meetups or adjust the timing of the monthly meetups to fit your schedule.

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We Get You

No matter how far along we are in our food allergy journey, we all have a unique perspective that can help others in a similar situation.

Whether you want to connect with someone who avoids the same allergens, someone who lives in your corner of the city, or someone with a child the same age as yours, we have a pool of dozens of food allergy parents that can serve as a resource for whatever you are going through right now.

Some people attend regularly - our monthly meetups range from two to ten people - and some attend only occasionally but keep up with the group via our monthly emails. Do whatever works for your schedule!


Transitioning to College


Dining Out Safely

Traveling with Allergies


Requesting Preschool Accommodations

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We Cater to the Whole Person

    One part support group

+ One part friend group 

    Exactly what you need

You're a mom now and your child has food allergies now, but you're still you. That's why our meetups respect your individuality, with activities and discussion topics about both allergies and life in general. Our hope is to introduce you to one or a few moms that you click with and make plans with on a regular basis outside the group!

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